Sanatorium new song Paranoya!

Sanatorium recorded a new song titled Paranoya.


Врти светот околу мене
Изгрева сонце, во душа мрак
Сенки ме гонат, бегам сам
Сите против мене? …ДА ДА ДА!!!
Мала фигура стои на табла
Паѓам долу последен пат
Емоција страшна душа ми пара
Крвави усни… во глава


Заробени души мене ме следат
Секој чекор злоба и страв
Омраза, сомнеж, врзан во мрежа
…вистина гледам? …НЕ НЕ НЕ!!!
Валкана игра, приказна стара
Бегам без трага последен пат
Студени бои на платно се топат
Крвави усни… во глава


Pero Stefanovski – Vocals, Guitar
Goran Atanasov – Drums
Goran Stanković – Bass
Boban Vasileski – Guitar

Music, Lyrics & Arrangement by Pero Stefanovski, Goran Atanasov, Goran Stanković, Boban Vasileski & Konstantin Kačev
Drums recorded @ Password Production by Boban Vasileski & Darko Darkovski
Chorus vocals, Backing vocals & Pero Stefanovski`s guitars recorded by Aleksandar Stefanovski
Audio recorded, edited & engineered by Boban Vasileski
Stem mixed & mastered by Alexandros Chrysidis (Sierra Studios)
Video recorded by Goran Atanasov & Boban Vasileski
Video edited and video produced by Goran Atanasov

Special thanks to: Password Production, Login Kočiski, Do Re Mi - Musical Instruments, our families, our friends & our fans!

Sanatorium has a new guitarist!

Dear fans,

As you may already know, Konstantin Kachev - Rus is not able to take part in the band's further work because of private reasons. We want you to know that we have a new guitarist.

It's our honor to officially present you the new guitarist of Sanatorium Boban Vasileski.

Welcome Bobi.

Boban Vasileski

Photo by Stefan Rajhl

Cheerz \m/

Promotion of new song "МОЛК" (SILENCE) video clip, Wednesday, 04/08/2015 at 19:00, MKC

SANATORIUM will promote their new song "МОЛК" (SILENCE) video clip on Wednesday, 08/04/2015 at 19:00 in MKC.
There will also be promotion of the new T-shirts.

Promo photo of the video

More details about the video and promotion:

Director and Photography: Goran Naumovski
Editing and postproduction: Vanco Mirakovski
Postproduction: Pigmento Studio
Focus: Toni Stojanovski
Assistant Camera: Viktor Nikolovski
Organizer: Goran Stojilkovic

Audio: Ivica Jankulovski
Studio: marryPHAT studio

Ljupco Jolevski
Gjorgji Ilovski - SMUT

Ivica Conev
Pero Stefanovski
Konstantin Kacev
Goran Atanasov
Goran Stankovic

Say NO!

New material titled "Say NO!".

Links for download in audio format (right click "save as")


Sanatorium at Belgrade Calling Festival 2012

Belgrade Calling Festival 2012

Electrical trauma to the edge of sanity!!!

Good performance, companionship, beer, ... with Ozzy, Slash, Johnny Rotten, The Cult, Paradise Lost, Black Label Society, Satyricon, Faith No More, ... and a lot of fans. Here are the photos.

Set list:

Wasted Existence
Our Doom
Inhuman Commands
Operacija na mozokot
Epidemic of Hate
Live in Silence
Illusion of Mind Confusion
Vo sebe umiram
Bez razum i svest

Belgrade Calling festival 2012

Today starts Belgrade Calling Festival 2012 in Belgrade. Sanatorium will perform tomorrow (6/28/2012) at 01:00 am in the morning after Ozzy & Friends. Here are the official poster and line-up.

Belgrade Calling Festival

Belgrade Calling Line Up

Sanatorium at Ozzy & Friends Festival (28.06.2012, Belgrade)

Sanatorium will perform at Ozzy & Friends Festival in Belgrade on 28 June 2012. After playing with Motorhead, Slayer, Halford and Soulfly in the past, this is another opportunity to share the stage with world famous bands like Ozzy Osbourne, Black Label Society, Paradise Lost, The Cult and Satyricon.

<p>28.06.2012 PARK UŠĆE, BELGRADE, SERBIA</p>
<p>OZZY OSBOURNE &amp; FRIENDS + special guest SLASH<br />
THE CULT<br />

Sanatorium at Scream Festival (18.02.2012, Metropolis Arena)

Scream Music FestivalUPDATE: Because of a lot of snow, the festival has been postponed to 18th February (originally scheduled for 11th February).

will perform at Scream Music Festival in Metropolis Arena on Saturday 18th February, 2012.

Also, as you can see the layout of the site is refreshed and you can comment on all published news.

See you at 18th of February! \m/

Night Wolves Moto Festival 2011

Sanatorium at Night Wolves 2011 festivalSanatorium performance at Night Wolves Moto Festival yesterday was a real blast! Atmosphere was crazy from the beginning and the band played about 90-minutes long show. Some really old songs were played from the album "The Edge Of Sanity" that we haven't heard for a while. You can see some photos taken by

Emilija Manevska / Dnevnik
Konstantin Kacev / Sanatorium
Other / Random

And, here is the setlist:

Intro Senka na smrtta
Wasted existence
Grad Epidemija na omraza
Illusion of mind confusion
Live in silence
Udoben Kovcheg
Inhuman commands
No more patience
Sekoj den
Ultra speed
Operacija na mozokot
Vo sebe umiram
Our doom
Bez razum i svest

Sanatorium 2011 - Photos

Sanatorium 2011We added two new photos of Sanatorium in 2011 year. Besides members of the original lineup, there is also Boban who will replace Rus for the gig on the fortress Kale.

Sanatorium once again to hit the stage

Sanatorium LiveAfter 7 years from the last gig on Peace Unlimited Festival, Sanatorium will play live on the moto-fest organized by "Night wolves". The event will happen on Kale Fortress in Skopje at 11th of June 2011. Unfortunately, Konstantin Kachev - Rus will not be able to play because of his art installation in Germany in that period, and Boban Vasileski will be his replacement.

Back to Thrash! \m/

New site look

A new design and organisation of our site is here. We added page for comments, where you can write yours, too. If you like to be informed when we have some news, add your mail to our mailing list.

New photos from fans

Robb Flynn & SanatoriumLast week two big bands from metal scene: Kreator (Germany) and Machine Head (USA) had their shows in Skopje, and some of their band members had a chance to get some photos with Sanatorium.

Peace Unlimited Festival report

Set list from Peace Unlimited Festival:

Wasted Existence
Vo Sebe Umiram
Epidemic of Hate
Illusion Of Mind Confusion
Live In Silence
Ultra Speed
Operacija Na Mozokot
Our Doom
Bez Razum I Svest

Peace Unlimited Festival

At Saturday, 30th of October 2004, Sanatorium will play the Peace Unlimited Festival. This festival is organized by CIVIL as a 5 days long happening with it's closing concert at Skopje Fair's 5th hall. The tickets are at a price of 150 den (2.5 euros) and you can buy them in: Jugoton, Record Records, Life Radio, Bravo, Krug, etc. For this concert, besides Sanatorium, the organizer announced the next bands: Last Expedition, Blla-Blla-Blla..., Point Blank, D Daltons, Amon mRa and the Patients, Foltin, Bei The Fish.

Crni gets married

CrniSome of the new Sanatorium songs for the first time will probably be played live at the wedding at the end of September, when Crni will sign a contract for an indefinite time with Leila. It is not yet known who will play bass for the occasion. :)


Sanatorium in Belgrade

At Friday, 23rd of February 2003, Sanatorium will play at “Hala Sportova” in Belgrade (Serbia) with: Soulfly, Good Eye Closed and Overdrive. Concert starts at 8 pm.

Don't Be Local Festival Report

On Friday, 8th of September 2002 in Old Bath site (Kumanovo) Sanatorium played Don't Be Local festival along with several bands from Macedonia.

Around 16:30 Sanatorium arrived in Kumanovo in great mood and made a short sound check in which they played "Wasted Existence" and part of "Bez Razum I Svest". They took the stage at 9pm and in those moments was thrown fireworks, a few sparkling high fire areas. Then loud applause was following and crowd was screaming "Sanatorium" and "Ultra Speed".

9.15pm The smoke covered the scene, and Sanatorium hit the stage with song "Grad". The crowd moves on all sides and sing in one voice. "Grad" turns into "Epidemic Of Hate" and then follows "Wasted Existence", "Illusion Of Mind Confusion", "Sekoj Deny", "No More Patience", "Live In Silence" during which the audience totally torn mad after each song screaming "Ultra Speed, Ultra Speed, Ultra Speed ...". Crni was asking "What song?" To which all responded with one voice "ULTRA SPEED". Crni takes off his shirt and song "Ultra Speed" was played with Crni and Rus on vocals. At the forefront of the audience gets in on all sides, and some of them are thrown to the stage. Then follows the well-known "Vo Sebe Umiram," "Bez Razum I Svest" and "Our Doom" and Sanatorium closed their performance.

Alarm Festival2

At Friday, 12th of July 2002, Sanatorium will play the Alarm Festival in Ljubanishta (Ohrid).

T-Rock Festival

At Saturday, 8th of June2002, Sanatorium will play on T-Rock festival in Tetovo. Festival starts at 7pm and there will play 10 bands in total: Superhiks, Mosaic, Infinity from Prilep, rags of Kriva Palanka and 5 more bands from Tetovo. All interested parties can obtain free tickets in all major stores for music CDs.

Our Doom Coming Soon

2 more concerts are confirmed.

8th of June 2002, Tetovo, Macedonia
Festival: T-Rock
Bands: Sanatorium, other

3th of July 2002, Sofia, Bulgaria
Stadium: Akademik
Festival: Arena Music
Bands: Halford, Slayer, Sanatorium

Gig at Lady Blue

At Monday, 15th of April 2002, Sanatorium will have a gig in Lady Blue (ex-Kristian) club starting at 11 pm. Number of visitors is limited (400).

Promotion in Kocani

At Saturday, 16th March 2002, two members from Sanatorium (Shpirt and Crni) went to Kocani to present their material, chat and have fun with their fans. The promotion took place at the B&G pub, where a lot of people gathered. The guys from Sanatorium gave interviews for the local TV and radio station. And the night, Sanatorium gave the crowd some metal by rocking some great tunes like ACDC, Metallica, Sepultura, etc.

Sanatorium in Bitola

At Thursday, 9th of March 2002, Sanatorium will play in disco club "Sving" in Bitola. Show guests will be "Morbili" from Ohrid and "Fluor" from Bitola.