SanatoirumThis is SANATORIUM, band which will lead to the center of madness, break your mind apart and will bring you to the edge of sanity; a band which radiates with enormous power and energy. They are four members: the guitarist tandem completely functional in their dark melody Pero Stefanovski & Konstantin Kacev as well as the strong, explosive rhythm section consisted of Goran Atanasov on drums & Goran Stankovic on bass, and if we add the stentorian vocal of Pero Stefanovski followed by the strong back vocals of the rest of the band that results in a truthful picture of SANATORIUM as a strong, explosive, compact, mature, powerful and extremely loud group.

SanatoriumSANATORIUM comes from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. They have been existing since 1987 starting from 1988, with some changes of the "crew". They have been playing in small clubs and garages in Skopje, when firstly one, and than two more members of the group had to join the army (in our country the national service is obligatory) so the band was to pause until 1990 when finally all of them gathered in a group and started to work seriously on their melodies, texts, arrangements, stage performances, image of the group etc. Not long after that the group appealed to the blood of the audience, attracted the critics attention and in the period that followed succeeded in obtaining all the music awards in Macedonia and on the top of everything in that period was an invitation for taking part on the biggest heavy metal festival called HARD METAL (Novi Sad 1991, Belgrade 1992, Yugoslavia) where they got several offers (Novi Sad, Yugoslavia) for the realization of their debbie-album, but unfortunately at that time the relationship between the republics of former Yugoslavia became worse and the war started, so the whole project was postponed for some time. Finally, in 1992 under difficult circumstances SANATORIUM entered the studio and recorded their first official album "The Edge Of Sanity" which, because of the official policy, was recorded in Macedonian and not in English as they wanted to. After the album "The Edge Of Sanity", a tour on the Balkan and the neighboring countries follows, from which there is a recorded material called "Live in Hungary" and also a video of the same.

SanatoriumIn 1996, the third album "No More" comes out, which is completely in English, except for the bonus tracks, which are in Macedonian. After the third album the band has a great number of concert activities through out Europe. The albums are based thematically on their protest against the madness of the war, which is happening on the territories of the former Yugoslavia and generally speaking against all the wars because the members of the group are awfully concerned about everything that has happened so far in this region. Consequently, albums are full with doubt and concern which can be felt by the melody and what is more the complete picture of SANATORIUM can be obtained with furious, rebellious, inflammatory vocals that are looking for a new political system, new life. The four members emerged to be the authors of the materials.

SanatoriumThe first album "The Edge Of Sanity" was recorded and mixed in M-2 studio Skopje, Macedonia from April to November 1992 with several interruptions, the second "Live in Hungary" was recorded in Szeged, Hungary in December 1992, and the third album "No More" was recorded and mixed in City Sound Studio in Skopje, Macedonia from November 1995 to April 1996. After that, they promoted this album to the live audience with more then 50 live concerts, mostly on Balkan. As a reward for all previos concert activities, in Sofija (Bulgaria) in August 2000, they played on a concert together with legendary Motorhead. The promotion of the album "No More" ends in Skopje, with a spectacular performance on the festival "Taksirat" in front of 8000 fans. In the year 2001 Sanatorium signed for "Lithium Records" which sent them back to studio recording. On the 16th of June 2001, they promoted there new CD, "Sanatorium", which contains the whole material from the first album (published only on tape), two new singles (recorded in Darko Dimitrov`s studio), as well as three live songs. One of the three live songs, "Sam vo ocaj", is published for the first time. All this live songs are without overdubs.

SanatoriumAs a promotion of the new album they played some cities in Macedonia and then the big shows with Slayer and Halford in Sofia (Bulgaria) and with Soulfly in Belgrade (Serbia). At the moment they are working on their next album.