Sanatorium at Night Wolves 2011 festivalSanatorium performance at Night Wolves Moto Festival yesterday was a real blast! Atmosphere was crazy from the beginning and the band played about 90-minutes long show. Some really old songs were played from the album "The Edge Of Sanity" that we haven't heard for a while. You can see some photos taken by

Emilija Manevska / Dnevnik
Konstantin Kacev / Sanatorium
Other / Random

And, here is the setlist:

Intro Senka na smrtta
Wasted existence
Grad Epidemija na omraza
Illusion of mind confusion
Live in silence
Udoben Kovcheg
Inhuman commands
No more patience
Sekoj den
Ultra speed
Operacija na mozokot
Vo sebe umiram
Our doom
Bez razum i svest